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The Power of God to Change the Unchangeable sermon, The Power of God to Change the Unchangeable sermon by Charles Wall, Jr., Charles Wall, Jr. takes you through - 2 Kings, ...

Change the unchangeable ----You never know until you try by 丁昊 Dear hardworking teachers ,lovely wonderful students. Good evening. I am very glad to deliver my speech here. Today, my topic is “change the unchangeable, you never know until you try!”. I always remember a word says: You never know until you try, and you never try unless you really try”. It means ,if you don't have a try, you will never know whether you can do it or not. In last year, I was a freshman here,i just felt confused for a long time,and i didnt know what should i do in my spare time, so I just played computer games during all my spare time with my classmates . It is not strange ,isn't it. And Things seemed goes on like that .but it had changed in last semester ,i saw a word in a magazine ,it says: college students should have the courage to try new things, don't worry too much about the consequences, you have many chance to try just because you are young”. I was impressed and i thought for a long time. I talked to myself. As a college student,I have passion ,i have creativeness ,and i have time. What can i do in my college life? Just achieve nothing but play computer games for four years 靠话筒近一点,眼睛直视大家,要经常变方向,有一定的手势。 ? Of course not, now,think of it ,it's totally waste of time .college life is so colourful ,i d like to do what i want to do but follow the others .And Since then ,i begain to made a big change .Gradually I'm no longer fear of failure . And I tried many new things. made some interesting works,such as a 3D printer. And i even planed to write my own book. That cool. I think, I will never regret for my failure ,but i will feel guilt that if i dare to try. Just as a saying goes: “if you want something in your life you have never had,you will have to do something you have never done”. Human beings can not make progress without attempt. just as i said “you never know until you try”. You think, you try, and you make it! Things do not change,but,we do! Thank you very much! 靠话筒近一点,眼睛直视大家,要经常变方向,有一定的手势。

Change the unchangeable Good morning, everyone. It 's my pleasure to deliver this speech here. The subject of my presentation is “change the unchangeable”, which means try ...

immovable object change the unchangeable , it is impossible Change the unchangeable. That's the mission. That's the dream. At one point we are all stupid enough to believe we ...

Youth is used to change the things you can not change

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